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Discover events based on your interests, follow the societies you like. University is all about trying new things; Eventcourt has all the society events on campus so there is always something to do!

Eventcourt is for Bright students who believe university isn’t just about academic development; it’s about personal development too. Stay organised, keep active and get the most out of University.

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Add reminders to your phone’s native calendar with just the click of a button. Never miss the events you care about. Keep track of networking sessions, sports matches, socials with one tap.
Employers are looking for engaged students who have interests outside their degree. Make yourself a standout candidate and pursue your passion.

Promote Your Society
Grow membership & attendance

Increase the attendance at your events and build your society’s reputation. Post your Facebook URL’s so students can connect with your updates on social media.
Uploading events takes less than a minute. You can specify exactly the room name and even use Google maps to show where on campus it is!


Two students from UCL who missed one-too-many awesome events on Campus. If you want to join the team shoot us an email, we’re hiring.


University isn’t just about your academic development, it’s about your personal development too. We want students to engage more with each other.

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